Der letzte Tag Palast der Republik / filmic sketch, 15 min

  • The last night of the famous 'Palast der Republik' in Berlin: The film captures impressions of the atmosphere on 31st of December 2005 inside the old 'Volkspalast'. In advance of its decided deconstruction all interior structure has been removed, and in the very last night a mixed crowd comes to say farewell. Among them a nostalgic, who claims it to really have been a 'Volskpalast', shares some memories and bemoans its demoltition. But most people are just curious to see the structure and last exhibtion in the 'White Cube': In '36x27x10', indicating the size of the Cube, well known international Berlin-based artists display their work to demonstrate for the building of a 'Kunsthalle' in Berlin, featuring contemporary art.

    11 Stunden in 15 Minuten / filmic sketch, 15 min

  • The film is a one-tracking-shot surrounding the new national gallery of Berlin. That happening during the MOMA exhibition in 2004. The camera while passing by probably portraits a thousand or more people. They are queueing for entrance. Some of them for 11 hours already. This passion and patience for a shared mono cause created a very special mood, one could even say state of meditation, which sheds a new light on the chosen desire: art and its perception as a mutual experience.