Regie / Theatreplay by MONSTERTRUCK / Sophiensäle, 2014 / here: Trailer


  • In their production 'Dschingis Khan' from 2012 the performance group MONSTERTRUCK dealt with forms of staging the so called 'other'. Therefore they worked with three persons with Down's Syndrome, whom they systematically humiliated as fierce Mongols in within a 'folkshow'. Now Monster Truck turns around the conditions and stages the emancipation of the same three persons. As largest possible gesture of empowerement these three persons, who not ever dreamt of directing, are being presented to the audience as directors.

    But what exactly, simplifying the idea of directing, needs to be given to turn a wish into reality? And whose wishes are actually relevant in this concrete case? Those of the three disabled, who in this small provided framework for once are allowed to make their own decisions? Or ours, because we like to think of them as crazy, breaking taboos and ingenious and if not that at least as normal as us?

    How much of their own really is contained in those stereotypical fantasies, which the 'mentally diabled' directors present as their staging ideas? And is it really about them or aren't they just representatives of our own always unsatisfied longing for self-fulfillment? The gap between imagination and realisation is wide open. Step in!

    Familienrat / Theatreplay by Bettina Blümner / HAU 3, 2011 / here: Trailer

    Text by Dunjy Funke:

  • 'Der Familienrat' is the first work for the stage by the award-winning Berlin Filmmaker Bettina Blümner (Prinzessinnenbad). Similar to 'Prinzessinnenbad' her topic for the play is also social and familial conflict. The content of the play is based on original material of family group conferences, which Bettina Blümner and her cinematographer Kai Ehlers have recorded during a pilot project of youth welfare offices in Germany. A family group conference is a special guidance to self-help for families in conflict.
    Bettina Blümner introduces us among others to family 'Häusermann': Andi, Tine, Rachel, Vanessa, Philipp and Mike. They don't mean to have a problem with Mike being gay. And besides: they are not a patchwork-family. Still Mike ran away and Philipp only learnt on the phone not to be Andi's son. Family Häusermann represents the daily family-horror, to be both loved and detested. And which cannot be fled. They all bravely agreed to submit to the procedure of the family group conference and now try to systematically find pragmatic solutions fpr their conflicts.'