• bei Tante Herta - Requiem für eine Hafenkneipe (At Auntie Herta's - Requiem for a Tavern)

    'bei Tante Herta' will be a documentary photo art book published at Textem Publishing House (funded by the Kulturstiftung des Landes Schleswig-Holstein, Nordfrieslandstiftung, Vermächtnis van Wouwer Stiftung) that displays fragments from the story of a seafarer tavern on an island in the North Sea. Its more than one hundred year family history came to an end with the suicide of the last owner.

    Photographs of every object from the strange collection of souvenirs brought by seamen will be displayed as random representatives of the regional and colonial history of european seafaring. Their stories, however, are lost.

    Traces of their resurrection as part of the tavern-life though will be reconstructed by texts fragments of regulars who narrate their memories.

    The book launch will be accompanied by the exhibition "bei Tante Herta - Wunderkammer Hafenkneipe"
    at the Museum Kunst der Westküte on the island Föhr, where the tavern used to be.

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